KANSAS CITY — A new non-profit corporation called The Center for Food Integrity has been formed with the goal of increasing consumer trust and confidence in the U.S. food system.

The organization combines membership from The Grow America Project and Best Food Nation — two initiatives established in 2006 to help with public understanding of the food system.

"The Center for Food Integrity will be a resource where consumers and other stakeholders can find information about the food system and discuss important issues," said Andy Miller, Indiana agriculture director. "We are providing leadership in building consumer trust and confidence in the contemporary U.S. food system."

The center will begin working on five priorities: health and nutrition, food safety, worker care, the environment and food animal well-being. Overall, the mission of the center will be to act as a resource for consumers and stakeholders in the food system and to provide information, correct misinformation, model good practices and work with stakeholders to address important issues.

The center will not lobby or advocate for individual food companies or brands, and it has the support of more than 20 organizations in different segments of the food system.

These supporters are: American Egg Board, The American Farm Bureau Federation, Countrymark Cooperative, Elanco Animal Health, Fair Oaks Dairy Farm, Indiana Packers Corporation, Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Maple Leaf Farms, Monsanto, National Chicken Council, National Council of Chain Restaurants, National Milk Producers Federation, National Pork Board, National Pork Producers Council, National Restaurant Association, National Turkey Federation, Produce Marketing Association, Purdue University, United Egg Producers and United Soybean Board.