colorMaker Inc., Anaheim, Calif., has created a naturally derived blue colorant that will enable food product developers to obtain a shelf-stable natural blue hue at a lower pH than conventional anthocyanin colorants. D.D. Williamson, Louisville, Ky., is the global distributor of colorMaker’s natural color blends.

The innovation will increase the range of foods that may be formulated with a natural (non-synthetic) blue colorant, according to D.D. Williamson. The colorant is available in either liquid or powdered form.

The water-soluble colorant is derived from anthocyanins extracted from vegetable juice. Anthocyanins exhibit a reversible molecular structural change — from red to purple to blue — as the pH of their environment changes from acidic to basic. The water-soluble natural blue colorant exhibits a shelf stable blue hue at pH 5.5 to 8.

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