Q-Naturale, a new emulsifier, works in sparkling beverages, and fortified waters and juices, according to National Starch Food Innovation, Bridgewater, N.J. The organic, sustainable product also has the ability to create high oil load emulsions.

"We think this next-generation emulsifier has the potential to free markets from price and supply-chain pressures related to gum Arabic," said Ilya Zhivkovich, business manager of food emulsions and targeted delivery for National Starch Food Innovation.

The new emulsifier, according to National Starch, may be used at low-usage levels and provides long-term cold temperature and pH stability. It is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and certified organic.

Q-Naturale is sourced from quillaja trees in Chile. Desert King International, San Diego, has granted National Starch global exclusive rights to sell quillaja-based products and innovations for stabilization and delivery of a range of ingredients to the food and beverage industry. Potential applications include emulsification and encapsulation of flavors, colors, minerals, nutraceuticals and bioactives.

"Desert King is the world’s largest grower of quillaja, but does not have to cut down any trees to produce our emulsifier," Mr. Zhivkovich said. "Everything we need comes from pruned limbs, and nearly nothing goes to waste."

Paul Hiley, president of Desert King International, said, "Teaming with the world’s largest grower and producer of quillaja, which we currently sell as a foam stabilizer to major beverage and flavor companies, with the global leader in specialty starches makes a lot of sense for both companies. National can leverage our experience in natural, functional ingredients, and we gain access to more markets around the globe."

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