FAIRFIELD, N.J. — A&B Ingredients has introduced CytoGuard Stat-N Plus, an ingredient designed to increase shelf life through microbial suppression and developed to work in delicate flavor systems. It has been tested in such applications as meat, poultry, seafood, sauces, dressings and prepared meal items.

CytoGuard Stat-N Plus is a proprietary blend of lignin fractions that contains actives from carbonyl compounds, organic acids and residual phenolics. It may be incorporated into formulations or applied as a surface treatment. Stat-N Plus is a water-soluble liquid with activity over a wide pH range, according to Fairfield-based A&B Ingredients. It may be labeled as “natural flavors” or “flavoring.”

“With delicate flavor system products, CytoGuard Stat-N Plus is a natural means of combating pathogens and spoilage bacteria without effecting flavor or color to the finished product,” said Gil Bakal, managing director of A&B Ingredients.