PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. — Trends in breakfast foods for children under the age of six have remained virtually unchanged during the past two decades, according to "Eating Patterns in America," a report from The NPD Group.

According to the research, the top 10 breakfast items new parents served to young children from March 2005 to February 2007 were cold cereal, a glass of milk, fruit juice, eggs, fruit, toast, waffles, pancakes, hot cereal and bacon. In comparison, the same list for March 1985 to February 1987 was cold cereal, a glass of milk, fruit juice, toast, eggs, pancakes, fruit, hot cereal, bacon and fruit drinks.

"New moms today are asking the same question their moms asked when deciding what to feed the kids, ‘What is the easiest way to get this job done?’ Often times, it’s the way their mom did it," said Harry Balzer, vice-president of The NPD Group.

Convenience and profitability are driving foods parents serve to children today, which may be seen in a decline in the bacon and eggs breakfast and a growth in the popularity of waffles, yogurt, and toaster pastries during the past two decades. Toast, juice and English muffins also have declined in popularity during the last 20 years.