Tracking events and issues related to the safety and wholesomeness of food and beverage products

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Contaminated flour investigation detailed by C.D.C.

12/7/2017 - Findings underscore importance of careful consumer handling of raw flour.

Millers await advancements in controlling pathogens in flour

11/2/2017 - Cost, impact on flour functionality and consumer acceptance are major factors limiting microbe reduction on a broader scale.

Managing recalls: A long road

10/19/2017 - Progress has been made, but much more must be done to eliminate allergen contamination.

Sanitation strategies for ready-to-eat baked goods

10/17/2017 - Bakers must consider all new risks when transitioning to ready-to-eat products.

F.D.A. moving forward to implement whole genome sequencing

9/15/2017 - The agency is proposing using its GenomeTrakr database as a global resource for tracking food borne pathogens.