Tracking events and issues related to the safety and wholesomeness of food and beverage products

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Ensuring facility security to comply with FSMA

5/22/2017 - Bakeries don’t have to go Big Brother to comply with FSMA’s Protection Against Intentional Adulteration rules … unless they want to.

Two pathogens overwhelmingly associated with reported foodborne illnesses

4/21/2017 - FoodNet data shows Campylobacter and Salmonella to be the cause of the most reported cases of foodborne illness.

General Mills spending more on food safety

4/14/2017 - Company spent $16 million in 2016, up from $13 million in 2015.

High pressure processing providers and users partnering to promote technology

4/10/2017 - The Cold Pressure Council was created to educate industry and consumers about the technology.

Inside Chipotle's food safety overhaul

4/7/2017 - The chain relies on technology, training and supplier partnerships to win back customers and market share.