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Former U.S.D.A. food safety leader joins JBS

8/3/2017 - Alfred Almanza retired from his F.S.I.S. role on July 31.

Ag secretary appoints new food safety leadership

8/2/2017 - Carmen Rottenberg and Paul Kiecker to assume leadership posts as Alfred Almanza retires.

Chipotle stock plummets after another illness outbreak

7/24/2017 - Officials confirm 60 illnesses linked to a restaurant in Virginia.

Advancing food safety: High-pressure processing evolves

7/12/2017 - High-pressure processing uses hydrostatic pressure in enclosed vessels to kill pathogens in a variety of products including meat.

Food packaging as a key for enhancing food safety

6/28/2017 - Nanotechnology also may help extend shelf life, reduce food waste.