Flavor Masking

Flavor Masking

As new ingredients emerge, food and beverage manufacturers are turning to flavor masking technologies to soften or eliminate off-notes. Learn about the latest technologies and applications here.

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Baking goes bold

- Anything and everything now show up as flavors on formulators’ benches, from heirloom fruit varietals to world cuisines to every variety of cheese under the sun.

The key to meat flavor: Locking in moisture

- Using ingredients to enhance eating experiences.

Removing sugar while keeping the sweetness

- Added sugars provide no additional nutrient value and often are referred to as empty calorie

Adding protein, ancient grains to beverages

- Keep a pleasing mouthfeel in beverages when adding protein or ancient grains.

Increasing tea consumption

- Functional benefits and new flavors are adding new options to the ready-to-drink tea category.
Masking stevia