Ethnic Flavors

Ethnic Flavors

Learn more about the different types of ethnic flavors available to food and beverage processors.

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Asia Pacific outpaces North America in snacks

- With China’s help, Asia Pacific is set to be the global heavy hitter in snack consumption by 2021.

A 'kick' of global flavor

- Spices, herbs and seasonings offer ethnic tastes, often with heat.

Regional cuisines driving Hispanic flavor trends

- The search for unique flavors is progressing throughout Mexico, Central and Latin America.

North African flavors heat up

- Wixon launches seasonings and mixes to align with one of the year's top cuisine trends.

Beyond sriracha

- Product concepts featuring Asian flavors are expanding as trends focus on local cuisines.
Asian flavors 2.0
Spicy remains hot
Sophisticated heat
Flavor mining
Moving beyond heat