Flavor Trends

Flavor trends

Shifting demographics, most notably in the Hispanic and Asian markets, are having a profound effect on the food and beverage industry. As new flavors are introduced to the market they make their way from niche items to mainstream products with broad appeal.

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Spanning the globe to add spice to snack flavors

- Peppers are popular while Vietnamese and Filipino flavors focus on balance.

Ethnic flavors: A big opportunity for retailers

- The buying power of multicultural consumers has resulted in an “unparalleled influence on the marketplace,” says Nielsen.

Beverage trends: Flavor is in the eye of the beholder

- Colors play a role in shaping expectations about a beverage’s taste and authenticity.

Next stop on the flavor journey: The Philippines

- The cuisine features the flavors of different soy sauces, vinegars and banana ketchup.

Indian flavors heat up at Winter Fancy Food

- Snacks and condiments at the specialty food show feature new twists on a traditional cuisine.
Pour on the flavor
Beyond sriracha