White Papers

Authoritative information about company’s various solutions, products, or services.

Non-GMO applications white paper
Deliciously Different Non-GMO Applications
6/6/2017 | Sponsored by Parker Products
Learn more about three strategies for complying with new GMO labeling requirements, and get ideas for deliciously different non-GMO applications from Parker Products.
Rembrandt White Paper
Eggs and Egg Proteins for On-Trend Food and Beverage Innovation
4/26/2017 | sponsored by Rembrandt
Egg products are highly functional and nutritional ingredients that complement clean-label formulating trends. They are a cost-effective source of high-quality protein for sports nutrition and functional food development.
KeyBank AgBiz White Paper
A strategic approach for investing in sustainability
10/3/2016 | sponsored by KeyBank
There are many ways to invest in sustainability — not to mention the number of benefits in doing so. See what it means for a company’s bottom line in our whitepaper.
Keybank White Paper
Managing Risk in Exports and Imports
9/2/2016 | sponsored by KeyBank
International commerce subjects companies to risks as well as opportunities, and requires businesses to understand their exposures and take steps to mitigate them. Fortunately, financial resources are available to help.
loders role of palm
Role of Palm Oil In Bakery: Cakes & Icings
7/25/2016 | sponsored by Loders
Educational paper provides guidance for choosing the best semi-solid fat solutions for cake and icing applications.
LYCORED White Paper
Non-GMO natural solutions that improve flavor and texture
6/22/2016 | sponsored by Lycored
Give your products reassuringly clear ingredient lists that consumers will recognise. Find out more about how natural 100% tomato ingredients can enhance your product’s flavor and texture.
Parker Products
Reaching the New Snack Consumer
5/2/2016 | sponsored by Parker Products
Today’s snack consumer isn’t satisfied with the standard flavors and ingredients of the past—the traditional granola bars and trail mixes. Instead, consumers now look for clean label applications with intriguing flavors.