White Papers

Authoritative information about company’s various solutions, products, or services.

A Protein Solution for Dairy-, Soy-, and Gluten-Free Applications
2/5/2018 | sponsored by IDF
Some traditional sources of protein, such as whey and soy, are incompatible with many American diets. CHiKPRO™ Chicken Protein Isolate Powder from IDF® offers a solution that addresses the need for allergen-free protein.
Galactic White Paper
Innovation in Bacterial Fermentation Results in Natural Food Safety and Shelf Life Extension in Food
11/16/2017 | sponsored by Galactic
The globalization of food trade combined with the growing demand for minimally processed foods poses significant challenges for companies involved in food safety and quality.
Nielsen Massey White Paper
The Flavor Guide
9/8/2017 | sponsored by Nielsen Massey
Nielsen-Massey has just released its newest flavor guide offering a variety of useful information for the confection, dairy, baking industries and beyond, from current and future flavor trends to creative flavor pairings and exclusive flavor blends.
Non-GMO applications white paper
Deliciously Different Non-GMO Applications
6/6/2017 | Sponsored by Parker Products
Learn more about three strategies for complying with new GMO labeling requirements, and get ideas for deliciously different non-GMO applications from Parker Products.
Rembrandt White Paper
Eggs and Egg Proteins for On-Trend Food and Beverage Innovation
4/26/2017 | sponsored by Rembrandt
Egg products are highly functional and nutritional ingredients that complement clean-label formulating trends. They are a cost-effective source of high-quality protein for sports nutrition and functional food development.