LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. — Health Canada has issued a letter of no objection to Lawrenceville-based Sensus America, Inc. regarding the classification of its Frutalose line of products as a source of dietary fiber in nonstandardized foods, complementing the approval of the company’s Frutafit inulin in 2006.

The recognition acknowledges that Frutalose sufficiently meets a known health effect of dietary fiber, the production of energy-yielding metabolites through colonic fermentation.

The line includes a range of oligofructose products, a form of partially hydrolyzed chicory root inulin. More commonly known as chicory root fiber, these products provide unique functional benefits, including the ability to enhance taste, texture and processability in a variety of applications. Most notably, they are effective at replacing sugar and exhibit many of the properties associated with high fructose corn syrup, including sweetness levels as much as 65% that of sucrose. Food manufacturers have realized these benefits by using the ingredients in bars, cereals, baked goods, confectionery and dairy products.

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