Shopping for fresh produce
Fresh produce consumption is forecast to grow steadily through 2021.

ROCKVILLE, MD. — Consumers are craving more fresh fruits and vegetables, and that demand is only projected to grow, according to market research firm Packaged Facts. Consumption of fresh produce grew steadily at about 1.3% between 2011 and 2016, and moderate annual gains will continue through 2021, the company said.

David Sprinkle, Packaged Facts
David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts

“Fruit and vegetable producers benefited from steady growth among the U.S. population, as well as from the fact that all age groups have high usage rates, especially Gen X adults,” said David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts. “Fruits and vegetables are expected to continue experiencing growth in niche areas as consumers persist in seeking out novel flavors from around the world. Increases in disposable personal income will support purchases of premium fruits and vegetables, including non-G.M.O., organic, and locally grown types. Also, marketing strategies focusing on health and the delicious taste of fresh produce will help fruits and vegetables to expand their appeal and per capita consumption.”

Six key trends are expected to influence future growth in the U.S. market for fresh fruits and vegetables.