KANSAS CITY — Halloween is on the horizon, and restaurants are celebrating the season of scares with sinister sips and eerie eats.

Starbucks is serving a chilling new chilled beverage inspired by the undead. The Zombie Frappuccino is an ice-blended beverage featuring an apple and caramel-flavored green creme base (to represent the zombie body) topped with pink whipped cream (brains) and a red mocha drizzle (blood).

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts' new Halloween donut is all wrapped up in the spooky seasonal spirit. The new Mummy Donut is a crème-filled yeast donut topped with white icing to look like bandages and a pair of sugar eyeballs. 

Chuck E. Cheese’s new pizza takes inspiration from the "treat" part of the Halloween holiday rather than the "trick." The new Candy Corn Pizza, featuring pizza slices that look like candy corn, is a white pizza topped with garlic mozzarella cheese in the center with a ring of sharp cheddar cheese around the outside to create the multi-colored appearance.

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