MINNEAPOLIS — Cargill now may offer patent protection to customers for applications containing Xtend sucromalt since the company has been granted U.S. patent No. 8,512,739 for the use of its Xtend sucromalt low glycemic index sweetener in food and beverage compositions. The patent covers the process and conditions to produce sucromalt that ensure its carbohydrate composition and appropriate physical characteristics necessary for handling and food application. The patent also covers foods containing sucromalt.

Sucromalt contains 4 calories per gram just like sugar, but it has less of an impact on glycemic response than some of the more rapidly digestible caloric sweeteners. Xtend sucromalt is a fully but slowly digestible carbohydrate sweetener that may be used in foods where balanced energy or a blunted glucose response is desired after eating.

According to the patent, the product may have a level of sweetness, mouthfeel and functionality similar to that of corn syrup but with a lower glycemic index.

“Xtend sucromalt has similar taste attributes as sugar and is ideal for use in foods and beverages where you want to deliver balanced energy without the blood sugar peaks and valleys of traditional carbohydrate sweeteners,” said Deborah Schulz, specialty carbohydrates product line manager for Cargill. “We are pleased to receive this patent as we strongly believe in the market potential for sucromalt. We are committed to providing our customers and consumers with superior products supported by extensive research and look forward to working with customers to bring more products containing Xtend sucromalt to market.”