FIRMINY, FRANCE — Clextral has introduced a new logo designed to promote the company’s expertise in extrusion and commitment to cleaner technologies. The Firminy-based company, which offers twin-screw extrusion and couscous lines and supplies DKM pumps, also has launched a new web site.

“Lifestyles and consumption are evolving throughout the world,” said Georges Jobard, president of Clextral. “Clextral’s increasingly innovative solutions enable its customers to meet new challenges. Our new logo and our new web site express this determination.”

The letters “EXT” in the logo symbolize twin-screw extrusion, Clextral’s core technology. The green color of an oval in the logo shows Clextral’s commitment to contribute positively to the planet with cleaner technologies.

The new web site may be found at

“We are pleased to present our new web site, featuring a new visual style, easier navigation and clear information on our technological offer,” said Georges Hallary, vice-president of marketing and sales. “You can access this site with all media, including computers, smart phones and tablets, and in different languages.”