LONDON — Five of the leading yogurt companies in the U.K. market — Danone, Emmi, Lactalis Nestle, Müller and Yoplait — have teamed to launch the Yogurt Council, the first organization dedicated to promoting yogurt in the United Kingdom.

The Yogurt Council will be led by its newly appointed director, Jo Sweetman, a registered nutritionist. Richard Hall has been named chairman of the Yogurt Council.

The organization will focus on raising awareness about yogurt being “a delicious and nutritious food and an important part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.” The group also will provide information and advice about yogurt, with the hope of generating growth for the category.

“The industry recognized there has been no collective voice for yogurt’s benefits, and the initial five members of the Yogurt Council very much hope membership will grow to represent other business over time,” Mr. Hall said.

To help promote its activities, the Yogurt Council has established a web site,, and a Twitter feed, @YogurtCouncil. In addition, the council plans to host a series of events for consumers and stakeholders as part of its awareness raising campaign. The organization also will form an Expert Group, which will advise on all nutrition information provided to consumers.

“The launch of the council is a very exciting moment for the U.K. yogurt industry,” Ms. Sweetman said. “Yogurt is a delicious food with many nutrition benefits.”

In the United States, nine companies — The Dannon Co., General Mills, Johanna Foods, Inc., The Kroger Company, Inc., Müller Quaker Dairy, L.L.C., Pinkberry, Agrana Fruits US, Inc., Auburn Dairy Products and Chr. Hansen — make up the National Yogurt Association. Based in Washington, the N.Y.A. is the national trade association that represents the industry of manufacturers, distributors and marketers of live and active culture yogurt, as well as suppliers of goods and services to the industry.