IRVING, TEXAS 7-Eleven, Inc. is launching a new line of organic, cold-pressed juices as part of its 7-Select Go!Smart private brand of better-for-you snacks and beverages.

The new shelf-stable juices are U.S.D.A. certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified, certified fair trade, gluten-free, vegan and free of additives and added sugars. The 7-Select GO!Smart juices come in four varieties. Clean & Green contains kale, cucumber, apple, spinach, mint, celery, lime and parsley. Tropical Glow features pineapple, orange, banana, apple, mango, passionfruit and coconut water, Berry & Bright includes tart cherry, carrot, blackberry, pomegranate, bilberry, cranberry and acai. Restoration Red contains tomato, tart cherry, beet, strawberry, apple and lime."When you compare this new line of 7-Select GO!Smart cold-pressed juices head-to-head with nationally recognized premium juice brands, well, there is no comparison," said Tim Cogil, director of new product development for 7-Eleven. "Ours are organic and cold-pressed, without additives and not from concentrate. Typically, this level of quality is only found at juice and smoothie restaurants."

The bottles feature a fruit-to-vegetable taste meter and an ingredient breakdown per 14-oz serving. For example, Clean & Green contains 25 kale leaves, 1 parsley bunch, 12 celery stalks, 3 cucumbers, 2 green apples, 13 mint leaves, 15 spinach leaves and 1 lime.

"Whenever the private brand team creates a new item, our goal is to use only the highest quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations you can't find anywhere else," Mr. Cogil said. "We want customers to love it so much that they come back to 7-Eleven because they can't find anything like it anywhere else. Our private brands set us apart from the competition."

7-Eleven first introduced its 7-Select private label brand in 2008. The line debuted with 32 items. Today, the product lineup includes hundreds of items across numerous categories.