DuPont Australia
DuPont's new facility in Erskine Park, New South Wales, has double the capacity to meet regional market growth.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — DuPont Nutrition & Health said it has relocated an Australian facility in Botany to Erskine Park, New South Wales, a move that will give the company room to expand.

The new production site in Erskine Park features a specialty food ingredient blending plant that houses both production and warehouse facilities. The new location will have the space to accommodate twice the output of the company’s plant in Botany, DuPont Nutrition & Health said.

The company also noted that the 10,700-square-foot facility in Erskine Park includes equipment with enhanced capabilities in food safety and quality and process safety control, as well as management systems that reduce manual handling activities during the manufacturing process.

“The expansion and new capabilities underscore our commitment to drive and support strong business growth across the dairy, beverage and bakery industries in Asia Pacific,” said Jack Hung, manufacturing and supply chain manager for Asia Pacific at DuPont Nutrition & Health. “As we transition production from Botany to Erskine Park, we will ensure that our business partners continue to receive the service excellence expected from us.”