Kuli Kuli

Moringa mania

Heralded as the next hot superfood, nutrient-dense moringa is popping up in more packaged food and beverages. Moringa is derived from the dried leaves of a plant native to parts of Africa and Asia and is said to be rich in protein, fiber, potassium, calcium and vitamin A.

Last year, Kellogg Co.’s venture capital fund, eighteen94 capital, led a $4.25 million Series A funding of Kuli Kuli, a maker of nutrition bars, powders and beverages featuring moringa. The latest addition to Kuli Kuli’s portfolio is Organic Moringa Greens and Protein Smoothie Mix, made with organic moringa leaf powder, pea protein and brown rice protein. Founder Lisa Curtis describes it as “the protein powder for people who don’t like protein powder,” adding that the product is “incredibly tasty, smooth and uses only simple, organic and Fair Trade Certified plant-based ingredients.”

Moringa products
Miracle Tree is launching a range of high-caffeine, organic moringa tea blends. Positioned as a healthy coffee alternative, varieties include vanilla oolong grape, orange and passionfruit, cherry chamomile, green tea with ginger and lemon, and chai.

“You get the superfood health benefits in an energy tea that includes caffeine,” Ms. Purcell said.

From The Republic of Tea, new Organic Daily Greens Single Sips combine moringa, matcha, spirulina, chlorella, lemon, mint, coconut and monk fruit.

Vegan Rob's Moringa Puffs

Vegan Rob’s has expanded its lineup of nutrient-dense snacks with the introduction of Moringa Puffs, featuring organic whole grain sorghum flour, organic sunflower oil and organic moringa leaf powder.