Tacos, regional Hispanic snacks
Forty-eight per cent of consumers say they want to see more ethnic snacks on menus.

CHICAGO — Consumer interest in authentic ethnic foods, snacking and transparency has positioned regional Hispanic snacks for growth on menus, according to a collaborative report from The J.M. Smucker Co. and Technomic, Inc.

“As diners increasingly demand to know the influences behind the foods they’re eating and request more varied Latin foods and flavors, regional Hispanic snacks will further gain ground at restaurants,” the report said.

Nearly half of consumers find regional Hispanic snacks appealing, the companies’ study found, and 48% said they would like to see more of these offerings on restaurants menus. Key demographics showing interest in Hispanic snacks are millennials (63%) and Westerners (51%).

Regional Hispanic snacks infographic

“Many Americans are unfamiliar with specific types of regional Hispanic snacks, while others may be more likely to see certain regional Hispanic items as entrees instead of snacking occasion items,” the report said. “However, 48% of consumers would like to see more regional Hispanic snacks on restaurant menus. Thus, operators need to find ways to make these items more appealing, particularly by targeting interested demographics like millennials and Westerners.” 

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