Cargill and Puris now have a joint venture with the pea protein business. With Cargill’s financial backing, Puris expects to add substantial capacity, including a new plant, while maintaining focus on U.S. production, Tyler Lorenzen said.

“We were able to leverage each other’s energy effectively, and I think what Cargill brings to the table is scale, and what we bring is organic, non-G.M.O. uniqueness,” he said. “It allows us both to do what we’re best at and move faster. That has been what has been incredibly exciting, not to mention the character and quality of people I’ve met throughout the process of getting to know the Cargill team.”

The Lorenzen family remains committed to Jerry Lorenzen’s vision for plant protein.

“It was a true family business,” Tyler Lorenzen said. “Everyone chipped in and worked very hard to make it happen.”

Jerry Lorenzen added, “All of what’s happening is like a dream. It’s something that I’ve dreamt about for years and years and years.”