Plant-based for all

Snow Monkey pintNew meat and dairy alternatives in the marketplace are converting hardcore carnivores to part-time plant eaters, said Ms. Blumenfeld, senior food editor at New Hope Network.

Innovative brands are churning out frozen desserts, yogurt, cheese and burgers made from simple, nutritious ingredients such as nuts, legumes, vegetables and grains.

“In the past people have traditionally chosen veganism for health, ethical or environmental reasons, and these products allow taste and convenience to be added to that, too,” Ms. Blumenfeld said. “There’s really no excuse for not going plant-based anymore.”The Honest Stand

Examples at Expo West include non-dairy frozen desserts from Hakuna Banana, Frill and Snow Monkey made with creamy avocado or banana and sweetness from dates or maple syrup. From The Honest Stand comes a dairy-free spicy nacho dip, made with organic potatoes, cashews, carrots and seasonings. Kite Hill is introducing a jalapeño cream cheese-style spread made with cultured almond milk.

“These are definitely more whole-food, nutrient-dense ingredients,” Ms. Blumenfeld said. “It’s really less processing, so less soy protein isolates and more almonds and spices.”

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