Have it your way

Creation Nation kitsNew products on display at Expo West empower consumers to be creative in the kitchen. A new brand called Creation Nation offers no-bake protein bar and energy bite mixes that allow consumers to add one or two favorite ingredients such as yogurt, honey, coconut oil or mashed bananas.

Another brand, GORP, offers protein bar mixes featuring sprouted brown rice protein, oats, nuts, seeds, hemp and fruit. The recipes may be customized to suit various dietary needs.GORP Bar Mix

“There’s a hands-on component to that and a customization aspect that can happen there,” Ms. Blumenfeld said. “For example, if you’re allergic to peanut butter, you can add almond butter instead.”

New from Wildway is a line of smoothie bowl starter mixes that are unsweetened and unflavored, with a blend of protein from egg whites and hydrolyzed collagen, fats from MCT oil, fiber from coconut flour and flaxseed, and probiotics. Consumers may combine each serving with frozen fruit and water or milk in a blender and add toppings.

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