Waste not

Barnana plantain chipsA trend that continues to gain traction among natural and organic brands is upcycling ingredients that are “normally landfill-bound,” Ms. Blumenfeld said. The latest offering from Alvarado Street Bakery features coffee flour, created from the previously discarded fruit that surrounds the coffee bean.

Organicgirl, a producer of packaged salads, is launching cold-pressed beverages made with leftover lettuce.Organicgirl drinks

Another trash-to-treasure innovation comes from Barnana, which is introducing organic ridged plantain chips made from rescued fruit. Flavors include Acapulco lime, Himalayan pink sea salt, Brazilian barbecue and sea salt and vinegar.

“We’re seeing more companies using spent grains from breweries,” Ms. Blumenfeld noted, citing as an example Regrained, which sources spent grain from San Francisco breweries to make nutrition bars.

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