The world traveler

As American consumers continue to crave globally inspired flavors, previously unexplored cuisines and ingredients are rising to the occasion. Look out for lingonberry, cloudberry and sea buckthorn as examples of Scandinavian fruits emerging in new products, Ms. Blumenfeld said.

“Behind the businesses are founders with amazing stories and personal connections to their products,” she said. “These emanate a sense of authenticity that consumers definitely pick up on.”Yai's Thai and Naughty Noah's

Naughty Noah’s developed a range of Vietnamese pho noodles made with organic ingredients and inspired by a family recipe.

The founders of Yai’s Thai combined a grandmother’s recipe with fresh salsa to create a line of condiments featuring “Thai flavors and a bit of American soul,” according to the company.

“This trend is really about the entrepreneurs and people behind these brands and their personal stories that connect to what they’re trying to bring to the U.S. marketplace,” Ms. Mast said.