FORT WORTH, TEXAS — Parker Products is launching a line of baked inclusions for the dairy, bakery, confectionery, beverage and quick-service restaurant (Q.S.R.) segments. The product line will feature items such as brownies, cookies and cakes.

A new 90,000-square-foot facility in Fort Worth has three times the capacity of the company’s previous location and makes possible the launch of the baked inclusions line. Possible applications range from fruit-filled cupcakes garnished with sugar cookie pieces to cinnamon spiced lattes with whipped topping, caramel drizzle and snickerdoodle crumble. All the inclusions meet Kosher Select guidelines. Some varieties are available in vegan and non-G.M.O. varieties.

“We have a long history of collaborating with customers to create specialty ingredients that enhance and differentiate their products,” said Greg Hodder, president of Fort Worth-based Parker Products. “The baked inclusions will add appealing textures and exciting flavors to our customers’ foods and beverages, and we look forward to working with them to create innovative applications.”