NEW YORK — Responding quickly and being transparent are two ways consumer product goods companies may gain trust in their brands from consumers, according to the 2018 edition of BrandSpark International’s Most Trusted Awards released May 23.

In an online survey of more than 15,000 household shoppers, 95% said a brand responding quickly to serious issues increases their trust in the brand, and 95% said brands that provide consumers with detailed information about their product or service earn their trust. Unfiltered customer reviews online increases trust, according to 86% of the respondents, while 91% said it increases their trust when brands offer consistent and competitive prices that they perceive as fair and respectful of their customers.

“While trust in the brand is anchored in personal experience, it is increased by transparency, fair pricing and the endorsement of other consumers,” said Robert Levy, president and chief executive officer of New York-based BrandSpark International, a market research firm. “Establishing trust is also important for brands that want to innovate as our study shows that 71% of shoppers try new products from brands they trust the most.”

Brands were ranked on the greatest volume of mentions in unaided responses. Brands were divided into four groups: food and beverage, personal care and beauty, household and pets, and over-the-counter health.

Brand winners in food and beverage were:

  • baking, Betty Crocker
  • bottled water, Dasani
  • butter, Land O’Lakes
  • coffee, Folgers
  • eggs, Eggland’s Best
  • fresh packaged meat, Oscar Mayer
  • frozen fish, Gorton’s Seafood
  • frozen french fries, Ore-Ida
  • frozen pizza, DiGiorno
  • herbs and spices, McCormick
  • hot dogs, Oscar Mayer
  • margarine, Country Crock
  • mayonnaise, Hellmann’s
  • pasta, Barilla
  • protein bars, Clif Bar
  • rum, Bacardi
  • sausages, Jimmy Dean
  • soft drink, Coca-Cola
  • sparkling water, LaCroix
  • tea, Lipton
  • tequila, Patrón
  • vegan food, MorningStar Farms
  • vodka, Smirnoff
  • whiskey, Jack Daniel’s
  • yogurt, Yoplait

BrandSpark International’s Most Trusted Awards