NEW ORLEANS — Erik Waterkotte, chairman of the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA), presented the 2018 Chairman’s Award to Bill Klump, Butterball’s chief marketing officer, during IDDBA 18, which is being held June 10-12 in New Orleans.

Mr. Waterkotte praised Mr. Klump, who played a paramount role during a time of dramatic change in the association. In March 2014, longtime president Carol Christison passed away from long battle with cancer.

“Her loss left a huge hole in our organization,” Mr. Waterkotte said.

Mr. Klump, who served as IDDBA chairman during this period, demonstrated leadership during this transition that helped IDDBA to a future of new opportunities and set it on its current course, Mr. Waterkotte said.

“As we have all seen and experienced, it’s times like these when the leadership of certain individuals helps an organization not only persevere, but succeed,” he said.

The Chairman’s Award recognizes those who put in a lifetime of service and dedication to the industry and have led with vision and commitment. Mr. Klump has been a part of IDDBA’s board of directors since 2006. In addition to working for Butterball, he has held several corporate positions with Conagra, Sara Lee Refrigerated Foods and Hillshire Farm.