Bubbling up

Carbonated juices, waters and teas are exploding in the marketplace. Such sparkling beverages are seen as a healthier swap for sugary sodas, Ms. Purcell said.

TOST beverage“They’re not only mixers for cocktails; they are becoming sophisticated enough that they are cocktail alternatives for people who are choosing not to drink or can’t drink,” Ms. Purcell noted.

Fizzy beverages featured at the Summer Fancy Food Show include Tost, a dry sparkling non-alcoholic blend of white tea, white cranberry and ginger. From Kimino Drinks, Kimino Yuzu combines yuzu juice, organic cane sugar and sparkling water. Element Shrub offers a range of sparkling shrub soft drinks made with organic apple cider vinegar and ingredients such as honeydew, jalapeños, pineapple, turmeric, blood orange, saffron and mint.

Wine Water Ltd., an Israeli start-up, has introduced O.Vine, a line of spring water beverages infused with leftover grape skins and seeds from winemaking. Available in still and sparkling varieties, the non-alcoholic drinks feature the flavors, aroma and health benefits of wine, according to the company.

“The water category is up tremendously, according to our research; it grew 76% between 2015-17, and in large part that’s due to sparkling waters,” Ms. Purcell said. “That subcategory is really taking off.”

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