Tea time

Tea adds a touch of sophistication to snacks and desserts. Products on display at the Summer Fancy Food Show included jasmine tea-infused maple syrup and white chocolate steeped in chamomile and honey.

Tea-rrific! Ice Cream masala chaiTea-rrific! Ice Cream produces a range of premium tea-infused ice cream in flavors such as matcha green tea, London mist, chamomile and lavender blueberry. A line of confections from Infusions by Charlie & Sam’s features chocolate toffee almonds that are triple infused with organic green tea matcha or rooibos.

TeaSquares is a brand of energy snacks in acai blueberry, citrus green tea matcha and vanilla chai varieties. The products feature puffed millet, nuts and seeds, plus green or black tea for a caffeine boost.

“Tea as an infusion in different categories is catching our attention,” Ms. Purcell said. “We’re going to keep an eye on if that shows up in other areas, too.”

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