SAN FRANCISCO — Bakery and cafe chain La Boulangerie has acquired Loving Cup, a frozen yogurt company based in San Francisco.

The move will allow La Boulangerie’s partners, including baker Pascal Rigo, to expand the brand. Loving Cup has grown to five locations in the area since first opening in 2008. La Boulangerie said it plans to accelerate the brand’s expansion through both franchising and company-owned stores.

Loving Cup is known for its rice pudding and its non-fat frozen yogurt, which is mixed with ingredients like peanut butter, chocolate chunks, fruits and berries, house-made salted caramel and locally-roasted espresso beans.

Mr. Rigo and business partner Nicolas Bernadi first invested in Loving Cup in 2017. The two companies operate in close proximity, so an eventual acquisition became much more likely after that, the company said.

“We were going to Loving Cup all the time in the afternoon,” Mr. Bernadi said. “We always loved the product, the creaminess, it’s probiotic. You can blend whatever you want into it, and an hour later you feel great.”