Tummy Topper from Tiki Pets promotes healthy digestion for cats and small dogs with sensitive stomachs. They are currently offered in one flavor, pumpkin purée.

Tummy Toppers have two ingredients: GMO-free pumpkin plus a supplement to aide digestion. For dogs, that supplement is ginger, and for cats it is wheatgrass. Both are sold in single-serving pouches and are recommended as meal-toppers but can be served alone as a treat. Tiki Pets encourages these products to be used as occasional additives and recommends supplemental or intermittent use for both cats and dogs.

The company focuses on food and treats for cats and small dogs that cater to the specific, biological nutrition needs of pets. Its products come in a variety of forms, including wet food, kibble, wet and dry treats, flavor boosters, age-appropriate, high-protein and grain-free.

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