ORLANDO, Fl. – Woof Gang Bakery, a US specialty pet retail and grooming services franchise, plans to open 36 new store locations, which comes down to an average of one new store opening every 10 days, in 2019.

“Woof Gang Bakery receives about 50 qualified applications for a franchise each month and our plan is to cap 2019 new store openings at 36, to enable us to best support new and existing franchises,” said Paul Allen, president and chief executive officer, Woof Gang Bakery.

Blueprints for 2019 include 12 new stores in Florida, eight in Texas, three in Georgia, two in North Carolina and one in Las Vegas. Many expansions will come from existing franchise owners opening a second or third location. Woof Gang aims to maximize resources and leverage brand recognition among its existing franchises.

Woof Gang owns 100 locations across 12 states in the US. About half of the company’s sales come from its pet grooming service, which is expected to reach $45 million in 2019. Allen also said advertising and brand awareness campaigns by e-commerce companies like Chewy.com have helped Woof Gang boost its in-store retail sales.

The franchise is projected to reach 200 stores by 2021 and looks toward offering additional specialized pet services, including clinics, dog walking and pet massages.

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