NEW YORK and DENVER — WW (Weight Watchers) and Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. are ready to ring in the new year with fresh national advertising campaigns.

Atkins’ new campaign, “Choose Wisely,” will focus on educating consumers about making smart choices about the foods they eat and avoiding excess carbohydrates and sugar. The campaign will feature actor Rob Lowe as a spokesperson. Mr. Lowe will provide insights into how a person can have a healthy lifestyle through reducing carbohydrates and sugar intake without dieting.

“We’ve seen a tremendous response working with Rob Lowe,” said Scott Parker, chief marketing officer for Denver-based Atkins. “He has served a valuable role communicating Atkins brand as a lifestyle as he has authentically eaten this way for years. The ‘Choose Wisely’ campaign empowers consumers to make healthy choices and to watch out for excess sugar and carbohydrates. While the Atkins program remains a powerful eating approach for weight loss and overall health, we continue to build momentum in expanding our target audience to lifestyle-oriented consumers that are focused on reducing their sugar intake and making smarter eating choices. Driven by this strategy, we achieved increased point-of-sale performance, strong retail sales growth and broadened consumer appeal.”

The Atkins campaign will feature five broadcast elements, including “Atkins Surprised” (a 30-second broadcast spot), “The Secret’s Out” (a 48-second digital spot, a 30-second broadcast spot and a 15-second broadcast spot), and Atkins Products (two product focuses).

The advertisements will begin airing on Dec. 31.

At WW, a new “For Every Body” campaign will kick off on Dec. 26 featuring actress, entrepreneur and co-founder of Fabletics, Kate Hudson, and international pop icon Robbie Williams as the company’s newest global ambassadors.

“For Every Body” reflects WW’s strategic evolution to build on its position in weight management and deliver a more holistic platform for health and wellness. Specifically, the new campaign is built on the insight everyone has their own reason to get healthy and what makes the most meaningful impact along the journey is everything you gain, WW said.

“Our members are the heart of our brand,” said Gail Tifford, chief brand officer at WW. “It’s inspiring to hear their stories and the reasons they want to get healthy — what they call #MyWhy. What’s interesting is that we’ve found many of these ‘whys’ are universal. Whether you want to get healthy for your children or for yourself, whether you want to feel confident in a wedding dress or feel empowered on the first day of a new job, WW is Wellness that Works. For Every Body. And that’s the premise of our campaign.”