MIERLO, THE NETHERLANDS — The GNT Group has launched Exberry sunshine shades, a collection of food colors that inspire “upbeat, positive” emotions, according to the company. The colors, which range from bright sunbeam yellow to warm harvest orange, are derived from natural raw materials, including pumpkin, carrots and turmeric.

Mierlo-based GNT Group cites findings from Innova Market Insights showing the number of food and beverage launches with a “feel good” claim on the label increased by 36% in 2017.

“In 2019, consumers will prefer food and drink that can arouse a sense of freshness and light, qualities that yellow and orange shades deliver,” said Maartje Hendrickx, market development manager at GNT. “Just as pink was embraced by millennials, Generation Z will channel the positivity of sunshine shades to sprinkle cheerfulness into their lives.”

The sunshine shades were developed as part of GNT’s new Love Color with Exberry initiative for 2019, which will explore how color influences mood and delivers feelings of excitement and contentment. All food colors in the Exberry portfolio are obtained exclusively from fruits, vegetables and edible plants.