VERACRUZ, MEXICO — Nestle S.A. has announced plans to invest $154 million in a new coffee plant in Veracruz. The production center will process approximately 20,000 tons of locally-sourced green coffee a year and will be equipped with technology to meet global quality and safety standards.

“This new investment in Veracruz confirms our commitment to Mexico and its people; the country’s economic stability and competitiveness have been fundamental factors to strengthen us as Nestle’s fifth largest market worldwide,” said Fausto Costa, chief executive officer of Nestle Mexico.

Nestle already has a strong presence in Mexico, operating an existing coffee plant and sourcing 68,500 tons of green coffee in the country. Once the new site is up and running, Nestle will have 18 production facilities in Mexico, producing a range of products, including coffee, dairy products, bottled water, cooking aids and pet care.