VEVEY, SWITZERLAND — Nestle S.A. will roll out a meat-free burger this spring.

Nestle’s Incredible Burger, made from soy and wheat protein, will ship under the Garden Gourmet label, according to a report from Bloomberg. Nestle debuted the Garden Gourmet brand in the United Kingdom in the spring of 2018.

It’s a big shift for the world’s largest food company, whose products include Herta sausages and ham, according to the story.

“While Nestle and its competitors have been dabbling in vegan fare for years, growth has become more essential amid stagnant sales of mainstream supermarket brands, many of whose products contain dairy and meat, which vegans don’t consume,” Bloomberg said.

The news agency said Nestle is racing against rivals Unilever and new entrants like Beyond Meat, backed by Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio, to find alternatives that resonate with a new generation of consumers turned off by animal protein and high cholesterol content.