ARNHEM, THE NETHERLANDS — Data from Innova Market Insights show a 15% average annual growth in global confectionery product launches with a “discovery” claim from 2013-17. Consumers are discovering new products in the forms of unusual colors, popping candy, hot and spicy options, cooling effects, and interactive, personalized packaging.

“Consumer curiosity to discover something new and different is leading to more unusual and often bolder flavors and blends, surprise textures and a greater focus on visual appeal in the sweets and snacks arena,” Innova Market Insights, based in The Netherlands, said.

The number of confectionery and snacks launches globally over 2014-18 grew at an average annual rate of 17% as companies capitalized on trends like bite-size formats and on-the-go options. The number of snacks launches with a “bite-size” claim grew 20% from 2017 to 2018. Flavor, cost and indulgence were leading drivers.

“In light of rising health awareness, consumers are not necessarily reducing confectionery consumption levels,” said Lu Ann Williams, director of innovation at Innova Market Insights.

Vegan-friendly claims for global confectionery and snacks on average rose 27% annually from 2014-18. Vegan-friendly claims accounted for 6.6% of new launches in 2018, which compared with 6.2% for food and drink launches overall.