KANSAS CITY — The cold weather outside may be frightful, but restaurants are offering heat by the bite-full. New menu items are bursting with bold and blazing hot flavors.

Taco Bell is taking its fry game to a fiery level with new Steak Rattlesnake Fries. Covered in a creamy jalapeño sauce and nacho cheese, the fries are topped with marinated steak and jalapeños. Customers also may order the fries as a burrito, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

“Taco Bell is once again challenging the fry-paradigm,” Taco Bell said. “This time, the brand is kicking it up a notch … Steak Rattlesnake Fries are here to rattle taste buds.”

Subway is serving up a spicy new Signature Wrap featuring the heat of guajillo peppers, green peppers and jalapeños. The new Sweet N’ Smoky Steak & Guac Signature Wrap includes steak smothered in a Guajillo Mesquite sauce, guacamole, shredded Monterey cheddar cheese, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, black olives and jalapeños folded into a tomato basil wrap.

“Subway has made it a priority to disrupt its menu with the introduction of bold combinations and exotic new flavors,” Subway said. “The Sweet N' Smoky Steak & Guac Signature Wrap highlights rich flavors and subtle spices with the help of Subway's smoky Guajillo Mesquite Sauce.”

The Lava Bowl has landed at Pokéworks, and the piquant poke was developed in collaboration with Chef Sheldon Simeon. The fiery dish contains ghost peppers, sriracha, Thai chili and chili threads over a choice of poke and topped with one of three lava sauce levels: mild, medium or lava.

“Now that we are in the final stretch of the colder winter months, we wanted to create something that would heat things up in preparation for spring,” Mr. Simeon said. “Inspired by Hawaiian traditions and the goddess of volcanoes, we are thrilled to share the fresh, fiery flavors of the Lava Bowl with guests across the nation.”

View a slideshow of new menu items.