ATLANTA — The Coca-Cola Co. has announced plans to launch its first energy drink under the Coca-Cola brand in Europe in April. Coca-Cola Energy will debut in Spain and Hungary in 250-ml cans.

The new beverage contains 80 mg of caffeine from naturally-derived sources (compared with 24 mg in classic Coca-Cola), guarana extracts, B vitamins and no taurine. Coca-Cola said it also will offer Coca-Cola Energy No Sugar, a no-sugar, no-calorie energy drink option.

“Coca-Cola Energy includes ingredients from naturally-derived sources and a delicious and refreshing taste of Coca-Cola,” said Javier Meza, global chief marketing officer, sparkling business, The Coca-Cola Co. “We kept these two qualities at the heart of how we developed the recipe and are proud to offer it under the Coca-Cola brand, inviting people to try a new and different energy drink that is designed to complement upbeat and busy lives.”

Coca-Cola said the energy drink is designed primarily for young adults between the ages of 18 to 35. The company also noted that the brand will be promoted in line with Coca-Cola’s responsible marketing guidelines.

While Spain and Hungary will be the first countries to receive Coca-Cola Energy, the company said other markets will be added in the future.

“We plan to introduce Coca-Cola Energy in additional countries through 2019 and 2020,” Mr. Meza said. “We will confirm plans and timings if a decision is made to launch this new brand in a certain market.”

Coca-Cola has been in an arbitration fight with Monster Beverage Corp. since last year that involves the release of the energy drinks. Coca-Cola owns a 16.7% stake in Monster, and as part of the two companies' original agreement, Coca-Cola agreed not to compete in the energy drink category with certain exceptions, a provision of the partnership that Monster now claims Coca-Cola is violating. Despite the situation involving Coca-Cola’s energy drinks going to arbitration, Monster has maintained that its relationship with the beverage giant remains good.