HUNT VALLEY, MD. — The next flavor trend in focus for McCormick & Co. is “Mexican food from a vegan lens,” said Kevan Vetter, executive chef. Smoky dried chilies, bright citrus, cumin, garlic and onions may be paired with meatless fillings for tacos, tortas and tostadas.

“We developed new Mexican vegan recipes to encourage at-home experimentation,” Mr. Vetter said. “There’s a cauliflower queso sauce, butternut squash tacos al pastor, no-churn vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and more.”

Eggplant or mushrooms may be shredded to mimic pulled pork, and crumbled garbanzo beans serve as a stand-in for chorizo sausage, according to the company. A vegan tres leches cake features a combination of coconut, almond and cashew milks.

“Some consumers hear vegan and are intimidated,” Mr. Vetter said. “We found that leaning into familiar foods is a great entry into this trend.”

More than 237 million Americans enjoyed Mexican food and ingredients last year, according to Statista, and more than ever, consumers are choosing plant-based foods and beverages for environmental or wellness reasons. Examples of this fusion are appearing on restaurant menus and in food halls in major cities worldwide, McCormick said.

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