BOULDER, COLO. — Aurora Organic Dairy, a producer and processor of retailer brand organic milk, has opened a 127,000-square-foot production and storage facility in Columbia, Mo. According to Aurora, the Columbia facility is one of the few dairy plants in the United States to distribute shelf-stable organic milk products.

Aurora said the Columbia facility will process and package an array of products, including single-serve and shelf-stable bottled milk; value-added dairy products, including fortified and flavored milks, and creamers; extended-shelf-life milk in half-gallon cartons; and milk varieties including A2 production, organic grass-fed, omega-3 fortified and lactose-reduced.

“Our company’s mission is to deliver high-quality organic milk with integrity to everyone, everywhere,” said Scott McGinty, chief executive officer. “Products like these not only offer consumers more organic product choices, but they also help expand markets for organic milk producers. Innovation is rapidly changing the face of dairy beverages like never before, and organic milk is no exception.”

Based in Boulder, Aurora operates a heifer farm and organic dairy farms in Colorado and Texas, as well as organic dairy processing plants in Platteville, Colo., and Columbia, Mo.