KANSAS CITY — Dean Foods Co. is putting a deconstructed spin on six classic desserts. New Friendly’s Dessert Cups single-serve treats feature up to six layers of ingredients in each 8-oz cup. Packaged in paper cups with clear dome lids, the treats contain layers of ingredients such as ice cream, cake and pie crust bits, vanilla wafer crumbles and fruit pieces.

“With multi-textured layers, these treats are bringing true innovation to the frozen food aisle and are perfect for making every occasion tastier and friendlier, whether indulging at home or sharing a variety of flavors with family and friends,” Dean Foods said. “These delectable cups have something to offer every palate and are the first of their kind in the Friendly’s ice cream family of products.”

The Banana Cream Pie Dessert Cup includes vanilla wafer crumbles, banana cream pie filling and french vanilla ice cream topped with marshmallow sauce and whipped topping.

The Strawberry Shortcake cup contains pound cake crumbles, vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce, whipped topping and white chocolate chips.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge cup features chocolate peanut butter fudge truffles, chocolate ice cream, peanut butter and whipped topping with chocolate flakes.

The Blackberry Peach Pie cup consists of flaky pie crust pieces, peach pie filling and vanilla ice cream topped with blackberry sauce, whipped topping and streusel crumble.

The Red Velvet Cake cup features red velvet cake crumbles, red velvet cake filling, cream cheese ice cream and whipped topping with red sprinkles.

The Pecan Praline cup contains praline coated pecan pieces, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and whipped topping with roasted pecan bits.

“With the success of our Friendly’s Sundae Cup lineup, we saw an opportunity to create an even more sophisticated and innovative offering for the ultimate indulgence,” said Mark Schneider, marketing director, Ice Cream, Dean Foods. “By layering the best ingredients from traditional classic desserts into delicious individual mashups, we’re delivering deconstructed dessert classics that satisfy our consumers’ craving for variety, while amplifying the taste and quality they’ve come to expect from Friendly’s.”

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