ATLANTA — To help meet growing consumer demand for clean label products, CP Kelco is introducing Nutrava Citrus Fiber, a functional fiber derived from intact citrus peels.

“In recent years, functional fibers have risen in popularity as researchers uncover health benefits and manufacturers seek to enrich their products with these well-known ingredients,” CP Kelco said. “Nutrava Citrus Fiber addresses the need for nature-based, recognizable ingredients in a variety of food applications.”

Nutrava Citrus Fiber offers gelling, thickening, stabilizing and water-binding capabilities, CP Kelco said, and it may be used to replace starch, eggs or oil in a range of recipes. Possible applications include fruit-flavored beverages, drinking yogurts, dressings, condiments, sauces, bakery products, meats and soups.

“At CP Kelco we work diligently to create new products that expand food manufacturers’ options to innovate and meet consumer demands,” said Didier Viala, president of CP Kelco. “With clean label foods and beverages becoming the new norm, consumers are seeking innovative products from our customers to address these needs. We are happy to support this shift by adding this exciting, nature-based ingredient to our sustainably sourced and produced portfolio.  We look forward to meeting with formulators and exploring a range of applications for our Nutrava Citrus Fiber.”