LAS VEGAS — A new line of vegetable chips from Liberty Trade Inc. was developed with the goal to promote soil health, minimize overall water use and lower total pollution levels on vegetable farms. Crunch Instinct snacks are made from organic vegetables grown in the South Caucasus, an area noted for having no ecological deficit, according to the Global Footprint Network, an independent think tank.

The product line was created to “meet society's present snack food needs without adding to climate change or compromising sustainable agricultural for future generations,” said Liberty Trade, a grocery management company and distributor that produces natural snacks and groceries for retail. The chips contain no artificial fragrances, preservatives or taste intensifiers and are free of gluten and palm oil. Varieties include carrots, beets, turnips and pumpkin.

 “With climate change looming, increasing fresh-water-reserve concerns, routine global famine and a growing human population now over seven billion, sustainable agriculture is more important than ever,” said Liberty Trade. “Unsustainable food sourcing practices are now widely considered a serious threat to ecological harmony and human civilization. Consumers can no longer afford to ignore how and where their food is grown or what additives those foods might contain.”

Crunch Instinct is the latest in a line of food products that Liberty Trade plans to introduce in the U.S. market. Future products include vegan mayonnaise, organic sunflower oil and biological teas. Liberty Trade is committed to ethical business practices and sustainable sourcing.