SANTIAGO, CHILE — Gelymar S.A. has doubled its production capacity of carrageenan to about 10,000 tonnes now that it has completed a $15 million expansion program in Chile, the Santiago-based company said May 20.

“We planned this expansion 24 months ago and invested the total investment amount in our two plants in southern Chile, Puerto Montt and Tierra del Fuego, so as to meet the growing demand of our renewable, new carrageenan line,” said Andres Hohlberg, chief executive officer of Gelymar. “Doubling the production capacity positions Gelymar as a key player and one of the top three carrageenan producers globally.”

The expansion corresponds with Gelymar’s efforts to strengthen its positions in Europe and North America, he said.

AIDP, City of Industry, Calif., is a distribution partner for Gelymar’s carrageenan products in North America. The two companies will exhibit carrageenan ingredients in dairy items, nutritional beverages, vegan products and dressings June 3-5 in New Orleans at IFT19, the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and expo.

Gelymar produces most of its products from local, renewable algae and uses the solid waste as soil fertilizers for the eucalyptus forest surrounding the plant. The company uses the wood in the forest for its boilers.

“For every tree we cut, another one is planted,” Mr. Hohlberg said.