SACRAMENTO, CALIF. — Blue Diamond Growers is expanding its facility in Salida, Calif., with a new bulk receiving warehouse.

The new warehouse will be the eighth of its kind at the cooperative’s Salida facility, which is the largest almond receiving station in the world. It will store an additional 50 million lbs of almond meat.  

Blue Diamond said the new warehouse will feature several enhancements aimed at reducing the cooperative’s carbon footprint and meeting sustainability initiatives including increased energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reductions and stormwater recharge. In addition to LED lights, the warehouse will have an integrated truck scale and loading pit, as well as 2,400 feet of buried perforated pipe directing stormwater to the soil beneath the facility.

“Blue Diamond is excited about the continued growth of our business, and this investment by the cooperative demonstrates our solid commitment to the Modesto region,”" said Mark D. Jansen, president and chief executive officer at Blue Diamond Growers. “Expanding our capabilities also provides us with an opportunity to meet the needs of our grower-owners and customers as we deliver innovative new almond products worldwide.”

Blue Diamond said it expects the warehouse to be in operation by the fall 2020 harvest season.