ATLANTA — The Coca-Cola Co. is aiming to reduce the time, money and resources restaurant operators currently expend on technology integration with a new digital marketplace set to launch this fall.

The digital marketplace is one output of the company’s partnership with Omnivore, a universal point-of-sale connectivity platform. It will connect Coca-Cola’s food service customers to pre-vetted, industry-best technologies with competitive pricing.

The curated marketplace will offer technologies for optimizing all aspects of restaurant operations, including front-of-house digital menu, kiosk, guest engagement and tableside ordering and payment technologies; back-of-house inventory, labor and analytics technologies; and outside-of-house loyalty, online ordering and third-party delivery technologies.

The partnership with Omnivore will allow for easy and affordable integration between any of the technologies in the marketplace and a restaurant’s P.O.S. system, according to Coca-Cola.

Access to the marketplace and technology integration will be free for Coca-Cola customers. Cost to a restaurant for technologies in the marketplace will vary by technology, with more competitive rates available to Coca-Cola customers. The company is currently collaborating with technology providers for inclusion in the marketplace.

“Our year-long collaboration with Coca-Cola and select restaurant operators has helped us validate and develop additional digital solutions that contribute to profitable growth for restaurants,” said Shane Wheatland, chief marketing officer at Omnivore. “These solutions align well to consumer needs as well as common barriers experienced by restaurant operators as they digitize and build a competitive advantage for their brand.”

This spring, Coca-Cola and Omnivore launched the Menu Management Solution (M.M.S.) app, which allows restaurants to own their digital menu content and control their brand across any digital platform.

The company said its partnership with Omnivore, the launch of the M.M.S. app and the launch of the digital marketplace are just part of its larger effort to build a digital ecosystem that connects Coca-Cola, food service operators and consumers.