LOS ANGELES —Soylent Nutrition, Inc. has partnered with Dot Foods to expand distribution of its 14-oz ready-to-drink products. The company’s offerings are now available to Dot Foods’ 4,500 distribution customers serving food service, retail and convenience channels.

Soylent said its partnership with the food industry redistributor comes in response to consumer demand and rapid company growth.

After making the jump from e-commerce early last year, the company has continued to find success in traditional brick-and-mortar channels. The alliance with Dot Foods follows the company’s national expansion with Walmart, which boosted its distribution of Soylent products from 400 stores to 4,378 in less than a year.

“As more consumers strive to balance demanding work, school and family schedules, we want to ensure they can access complete, nutritious options everywhere,” said Melody Connor, senior vice-president of sales at Soylent. “We’re honored to be able to partner with a world-class organization like Dot Foods, as they offer the reach, relationships and scale to help us achieve that goal and drive Soylent to the next level.”

Soylent is a food technology company that produces functional foods. It launched its first meal replacement powder in 2013 and has since expanded its offerings to include R.-T.-D. beverages and nutrition bars.

Dot Foods is the largest food industry redistributor in the North America, operating 11 centers and distributing products across 50 states and more than 35 countries.